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I purchased a new Q7 registered 3-3-22- to date it has 2638 miles on the clock most of those miles are travelling to an Audi dealership to have an adaptive light fault rectified which was evident 2 weeks after taking delivery it has now been off the road for over 3 weeks waiting for a fourth replacement control unit, which the latest information is it will not be avaliable until the 6th April. I have received no response from Audi UK customer services and having contacted the CEO of Audi Germany and giving a very negative review on Trustpilot this seems to have instigated a very pathetic half hearted attempt to advise me of the pending delays and dismissing any responsibility whatsoever for having sold a very expensive car that is not fit for purpose.How and why should it be possible for Audi to be able to get away with this totally unacceptable attitude to their customers just beggar's belief.Anyone thinking about buying an Audi I strongly advise to look at other manufacturers Audi take your money and dismiss you.
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