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2007 D3 A8
It took me two hours to:
Remove the CD-changer (with tools supplied)
Loosen six screws to remove and lower the glove compartment
Rearrange the fibre optic cables (instructions are clear and easy to follow)
Power the CD and new AMI (with cable supplied)
Secure the glove box and
Refit the AMI (to the right) and CD-changer.
The Radio, CD and AMI are linked in series (with fibre optics)
As the software was up to date, coding the vehicle to recognize the Music Interface was not necessary.
Audi Music Interface Part Numbers
4EO 057 785F unit (includes comprehensive manual)
4FO 051 592A fibre optic cable / power cable
4FO 051 510K connection between iPod and unit
Possible pitfalls
Glove compartment (in the A8) is secured with SIX screws.
Cables are easily damaged and should not be bent.
Vehicle with passenger side key operated front knee airbag; follow instructions carefully.
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