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Audi GT coupe help.....

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SOO I might end up getting an Red autotragic Audi GT coupe, late 80's.... 100-120k miles if I remember right.... has a Bad CV axle though.,.... I think it is 2 wheel drive but not positive. The noise is from the front, driver side axle if that helps:rolleyes:... btw it is only gonna cost me 3-4 bills to get the car and it is currenly registered and smogged and running great(except the axle noise;)) So I was wondering the worth of the car and how bad the CV axles are to change? and about the cost of an axle?

Also the reliability and safty of the car would help....(Might give it to my friend for his wifey and he just had kid so I want to be sure it is a safe car)

Thanks a MILLION!!
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axles are easy.. its finding a friend who has the right 12point allens for you to get the axle out of the trans... i believe it was 8mm? i cant remember, its been so long.. either way its pretty straight forward but a pain in the ass none the less.. cost is only around $75

i removed entire suspension from bottom to top, leaving the strut top loose, not off, so i could swing whole suspension out of the way to get at the axle. youll need to pop the ball joint on the a arm as well, which is always stuck tight after 20+ years of use.. overall not hard, but not easy for a novice =)

hope that helps!
12 point allen

Had an 81 Coupe in the 80's & replaced both axles--like jh0104 said--axles are easy--may still have the 12 point allen to remove the bolts for the CV joints. let me know if you need it.
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