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Hi there, I have a 2017 audi s3 so android auto can only connect via usb. Having bought it second hand, I didn't have audi connect, so I don't know what it's like. I've made do with connecting my android phone by USB and using android auto. It's great but the problem is, not only the need for a cable, but when I use Spotify or Google maps it keeps disconnecting and at the most awkward times. So i thought I'd look into audi connect but turns out that's 115 pounds a year! I would still need to connect Spotify via Bluetooth then but you lose the ability to switch playlists etc easily that way. Looks like though you can get android auto wireless adapters, but I've read mixed reviews of them, plus is It's the USB port that's at fault then I'd have intermittent connection issues with that too then and probably wasted 80-100 pounds. Anyone got any experience of these adapters or audi connect and would suggest one over the other please?

Thank you.
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