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The Gauntlet has been tossed.
What can the top Chip/DiPP tuners do with $3000-4500.00 retail (parts only) to an allroad 2.7T? (tip or manual) Amount ot be specified and agreed on at a later date.

This is the Premise:

Revo, APR, GIAC, MTM and Dahblack through their US Performance dealers
(AWE, Joe Hoppen, TJM, APR, Revotechnik?, etc.) Will all compete for the best all around performing/daily driver's allroad. Not a High powered beast.. but the best daily driver possible for the set amount of $$

Since labor is such a variable it will not factor into this. It's limited to a retail value of the parts. Parts can be any type of enhancement: ECU Enhancement, Tires, wheels CAI, Intercoolers, Turbos, and Exhaust, etc. (If Tire rack or Discount tire want to participate... then more money would be left for mods.)

The points will be in the following areas:
(With no adjustments or further settings made once the mods are done.)

MPG: A 150 Mile city/highway cycle to determine best average MPG while driving normally.

0-60 Times, 40-70 times and best HP/Torque on a series of dyno runs.

Best average Times 2 runs per car/driver. 5 drivers get to drive each car 5 laps each with the time being assigned to the car, not the driver. Each driver is allowed 20 minutes of practice runs in their own car then they drive the other cars and finish the comp. in their own car.
Auto Cross
A similar format as the track with the best average time by the car for all runs.

Am I missing anything?

The cars will be displayed at Waterfest in July where the events will occur in one weekend this summer. The entire competition can happen there if Raceway Park finishes their road course.)

Prize: Bragging rights for the mod company and the car's owner.

All we need is a few more volunteers. (My idea. I'm in automatically.)

We also need the performance shop to belly up to the bar. As they will pay for everything being they will see the end result and benefit. (sales)

Dahlback is in... We are awaiting any and all other performance shops and perhaps a car or two.

e-mail back withmy use link... Paul

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No... its a target. What would an allroad owner be comfortable with?
Some have said $5000.00 some have said thst given their WF...wife factor.. only $2500.00

We are looking to set a target. Then we will present the challenge to the performance shops with the needed volunteer allroad owners.

Ths challenge is taking root on audi world. you may wasnt to stop buy for more detail as this site is new.
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