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Hi farl010771,

I just took delivery of a new '05 A6 3.2...apparently they equip the cars much differently here in the states.

Mine came with just about everything you listed as 'missing' in yours. The cargo net came with no extra charge and the hooks are chrome in the 'boot', climate control vs. a/c, I'm not sure how you qualify which is which, but mine has 2 temperature controls; one for driver, one for co-pilot, plus 4 vents for rear passengers (albeit no seperate temp control for them). Door pockets-subjective I guess, at least as big as my BMW 330's. Rear cupholders pop out of the center arm rest, height adj and under seat drawer is on both front seats as well as lumbar adj for both. 6 cd in glove box, 13(+?) speakers in car.

My only complaints are about the %$#@ overzealous seatbelt warnings, and the location of the 2nd cupholder up front.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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