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Hello Folks,
I have a couple of prob's with my 1998 2.4SE A6 which I hope some kind soul out there may help me with.

1. Central locking problem - my central locking/immobilser/alarm is DEAD. Can't activate using the key (yes the fob is working I've checked the RF output). The c/l switch in the car works OK. I had to get into the car using the key (manually) setting off the alarm. Eventually settled for disconnecting the car battery and then reconnecting. Car is OK but no central locking or alarm (flashing door LED's). Last time this happened Audi charged me £200 for changing the c/l module and reprogramming it. I'm a little cheesed off having to do this for the second time in 3 years so...where is the module and is this a common problem?

2. My air-con starting 'screaming' at me at start up last summer. It would then quiten down and run OK. Now it's defunct (I've re-gassed it but to no avail). The noise came from the engine compartment - compressor?? Again, is this common?

This is my third Audi - previous GT & 80 where flawless. Later Audi's seem to have lost their way (Along with VW). Sorry for the lengthy posting but wanted to include all the info.
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