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Launch X431 PAD V powerful diagnostic tool is also able to perform Online Coding Programming on BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti. Which covers more car models than Autel. This article is available with the procedure of Audi A5 2014 Engine ECU LONG CODING with the X-431 PAD V. You will feel it is powerful and smart.

Here we go for details:

This is the Health Report of Audi V28.67 (newest version), you can see “P161200 Engine Control Module (ECM) -incorrect Coding. “.

Then “Read ECU Memory”, there is a Long Coding:


Click on Audi V28.67 -> Menu, click on “Online Function”.

Click on “Online Coding”.

It will pop up “This program is about to download a file.”.

Downloading, please wait…

Loading file…

Single System Mode.

Loading file, please wait.

Choose “01 Engine Control Module 1”.

It will ask ” Do you want to Modify the Code: …> …?”, click on “Yes”.

Processing, please wait.

The coding has been successfully Carried out.

I t will ask “Do you need to clear the Fault code and read the fault code again?”.

Click on “Yes”.

Communicating, please wait.

Fault codes cleared, read DTC? click on “Yes”.

Communicating, please wait…

Exit online programming.

Back to view “Health Report”, there is no Fault code any more.

When the process bar run to 100%, it will pop up “Clear Fault Memory Completed”.

Alright, Engine ECU Long Coding job is done. With Launch X431 PAD 5, the whole process is simple and pleasant.
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