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Hi. Im brand new to this. I try and use previous posts to find out my problems so thought id give it a try and see if anybody can help 🙏

So, issues i have is the car sometimes has a slight misfire on tick over. Its not major and doesnt seem to be present when driving and only at tickover. Also since the winter has come my fuel consumption has dropped massively. Im only doing short journeys at the moment due to working from home but its down to around 30mpg and only getting around 90 miles to £20. I know diesels do drop a bit when its cold but i was getting more like 160 miles to £20 before so massive drop. Ive also noticed a knocking noise when starting on a cold morning. It only seems to be when its under 4 degrees and it goes away after a few seconds.

if anybody has suggestion where i should start that would be great.

Its just had full service with new oil, air and fuel filter just to rule any of them out.

Better if you show which engine you have.
Missfire - disconnect /reconnect the injector connectors apply WD 40 to the contacts.
Check all earth points are good.
Fuel consumption - injection is controlled by an ECU check the sensors for the engine management.
Timing belt tensioner pulleys seize and the belts wear - a bit out of time or the belts jump - big damage..
Most diesels now have glow plugs which are activated when the ambient temp is below 5C.
The knocking or is it tapping could be a bit of pre ignition / excessive fuel or and the hydraulic tappets not getting any oil?
Some diesels are very nutty - knocky until they warm up. Some diesels are nutty when warmed up.
Knocking is usually associated with mains and small ends.
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