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Hi guys, new here but in need of some advice! I have a 2010 Audi A4 avant.. I believe the timing belt has slipped but not sure.

the car was in the garage for a seperate issue, broken suspension spring and the garage left a light on over night. Coming to it in the morning they recharged the battery but the engine management light came on and it felt a little different to drive.

after booking it into a electrical specialist, few days before it cut out on me and literally went into limp mode, not starting unless I give it some revs and then only crawling along. It still starts now but has no power, ticks over but when I go to set off it just cuts out.
just wondering what my options are as I was quoted £1200 to have a look and fix the timing belt if that’s the issue... is this correct, could it be anything else and if so would it be cheaper as I’m not sure whether to just sell it as spares or pursue getting it fixed for £1200

thanks for your time guys, I very much appreciate it
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