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audi A4 , hammered , swirlcity .
this is not a full paint correction/or swirlfree project and removing deep scratches wasn`t involved. an 60-75% improvement in removing swirls was made and 100% in clarity reflection was achieve .
as you will see the car was neglected for a while.of course has few thin spots here and there.
all car was looking like this.


1/4 panel:

testspot on hood with polish pad and meg 83 rotary ,wasn`t the winner

the winner was polish pad with meg 105 on PC , on speed 6 with the first passes on pressure andfinish with light pressure.

wash - ONR
claybar with onr lube
wash - onr
wheels - p21s gel wheel cleaner , klasse aio sealant
wheel walls - hyperdressing
tires - endurance gel
tape car (i was ready for rotary..)
compound - 105 polish pad with meg g110
polish - 205 polish pad with meg g110
protection - opti-seal 2 coats
windows was clean in/out
vacuum inside
leather - optimum protectant plus
dash/vynil interior - 1Z Einszett ****pit Premium
door jams - onr quick detailer
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