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There is a 97 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro with 153K miles in my area for sale. It has a blown engine. I just rode in my friend's Audi A4 1.8T Quattro sport, and I loved it.

Is there any engine swaps, besides the 1.8T I can do in this? Honestly, I think anything less than 2.0L is too small to make useable power, especially without any variable valve timing.

I was talking with him, and he said that the 2.7L turbo S4 or 2.8L swap is possible. What would I have to do accomplish this? Are the motor mounts the same? Can I use my stock trans with this engine?

I know this might be out of the question, but can I use any of the older engines? Such as a the 20V 5-cylinder turbo? Or even a NA V8 from I believe the 5000?

I know of legality issues of putting an older engine in a newer car, thus this car is for off-road use only. :D I just want the cheapest engine, with a good amount of torque, and I want to keep the AWD.

I am not too worried about the electronics, as I am planning to run a Megasquirt standalone on it (the cheapest, easiest way if you want to do a stand alone).

So are there any write-ups or tips to go about this project? Any links would be useful (either to cars, people, or other forums).

Thanks very much.

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