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Morning all,

I've just started having issues which I believe are related to the drivers door electrics and first port of call is to find the electric window fuse location.

Yesterday the following issues started happening together:

No central locking - even if pressing the button on drivers side door
Electric windows no longer working - on any door - either operated from drivers door or from the individual doors
Upper centre light no longer switches off when the drivers door is closed. To turn of, it has to be switched to the off position
I've done the usual google and there are a couple of causes suggested, the CCM (seemingly difficult and expensive to fix) or a fuses (S37 & S280) buried somewhere in the dash. The latter seems like it should be an easier first try fix, but I can't for the life of me find where it is, nor is there anything online giving a detailed explanation.

The 15A door fuses in the main fuse panel (end of dash board) are fine but I did replace for sanity and nothing has been fixed.

So firstly, where are fuses S37 & S280 from the following link? (my car is not a V6 but this seemed to be the generic location for A4 B6 cars on the thread I found).

Secondly, anyone else had this issue and found it to be neither of the above?

Many thanks and appreciate any help!
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