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Audi A4 (b6) Bose Speaker Upgrade

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I have just purchased a complete set of Bose speakers & Amplifier for my A4 2001 Saloon. (B6)

The car has the standard speakers:
2 way components in the front & back doors + a sub in the shelf.
+ an amplifier i believe....

Does anyone know if the Bose speakers are just a straight swap over ?
Also the multi plug for the amp ? - Is that the same too ?

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OK Folks - 3 weeks down the line now..... I'll answer this myself for you...!!

The standard B6 system - (Concert II) has a little amp in the boot. (Sorry- Trunk!) This amp only drives the back door 2 way components & the sub in the shelf. The connector is a lot smaller & does not fit the Bose amp.
The Concert II head unit drives the front doors & the centre speaker.
(yes there is a centre speaker on the standard system)

The input to the amp (and Bose) is by speaker cable.
On the standard loom there are no speaker cables for the front end at the amplifier, so you woulld need to run 3 x sets of cable (to & from) the amp.
Which to me is a complete pain..!

I am selling the Bose amp on ebay currently. The standard amp & built in amp from the head unit + Bose speakers sounds really good - so i am making do with that....

When you order your car new & the salesman ticks the "Bose" box, the factory put in a Bose Wiring loom. This is not available to buy (or even the multi plug) separately..

Hope this clears things up if anyone else has been wanting to add Bose sounds.

David (a4drk)

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Assuming it's the Bose upgrade you have ?

havent got a clue about the Number of Watts etc...
However this doesnt matter a sook.
it's the Quality of the amp & speakers which count.

Just say - 40 watts of Bose Quality will sound a lot better that
200 watts of one of these cheap & nasty after market companys..

The Bose system is 6 channels.
2 x Fronts & 2 x Backs - Which are 2 Way componets
1 subwoofer in the back - not sure where it is in the Cabriolet
& a centre speaker on the dash board (under the window)

Hope this helps you

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Attached is the wiring diagram of the Bose Amplifier
It's in German - but i have translated it (Hand written - hope you can read it)


On the Saloon, (Not sure about cab)
The head unit drives the front door speakers & the centre speaker.

There is a small amp that drives the back door speakers & the sub on the back shelf...

The bose amp drives everything....

Hope this helps


When you switch on your Head Unit (Radio)
It will flash up "B O S E " before any radio or CD comes on.

I have bought a complete Bose AMP & 10 speakers for my saloon
I have it installed & it sounds great, but the head unit does not flash BOSE because i need to take it to Audi to re-gram the computer.
This will confuse the Audi guys there, as they wouldnt have a clue what to do!!!
(Sorry, being faceious)

Cant help you with the broken grill on the sub.
Get the part number & buy the new part from Audi.
Take it to a Boy Racer Car Hi Fi shop & they will fit it for a fraction of Audi...

The standard system has a sub as well as the Bose system.

Hope this helps

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