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Audi A4 (b6) Bose Speaker Upgrade

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I have just purchased a complete set of Bose speakers & Amplifier for my A4 2001 Saloon. (B6)

The car has the standard speakers:
2 way components in the front & back doors + a sub in the shelf.
+ an amplifier i believe....

Does anyone know if the Bose speakers are just a straight swap over ?
Also the multi plug for the amp ? - Is that the same too ?

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When you switch on your Head Unit (Radio)
It will flash up "B O S E " before any radio or CD comes on.

I have bought a complete Bose AMP & 10 speakers for my saloon
I have it installed & it sounds great, but the head unit does not flash BOSE because i need to take it to Audi to re-gram the computer.
This will confuse the Audi guys there, as they wouldnt have a clue what to do!!!
(Sorry, being faceious)

Cant help you with the broken grill on the sub.
Get the part number & buy the new part from Audi.
Take it to a Boy Racer Car Hi Fi shop & they will fit it for a fraction of Audi...

The standard system has a sub as well as the Bose system.

Hope this helps

How would you be able to tell if someone has already done what you have just described? Do the non-bose speakers look different than the Bose speakers?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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