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Hello, please can someone help put an end to my misery!

My Audi A4 Convertible suddenly started vibrating in November, it is now back in the garage and they can find nothing wrong with it. This is the 13th time it has been to a garage...

I can feel a vibration/shuddering sensation from 30mph but it gets much worse from 60mph to 80mph - so bad that I feel like I'm being shaken about it the car. It feels like something has come loose and shudders so bad that I now have a serious lower back problem! I do a lot of motorway driving - in one single day I can spent between 5 and 8 hours in my car...

I have had the wheels balanced now 6 times, tracking done twice, had the wheels checked to see if alloys were bent - they're 100% perfect, have changed the wheels over completely with a different set, had the shocks done, new tyres, I have tried absolutely everything.

I have read elsewhere that it could be the drive shaft, prop shaft, faulty suspension arm?

Does anyone have an actual diagnosis of what this could be? I've now spent £2300 on the car and the vibration is still there...
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