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New to the Forum. I'm working on my daughter's A4 2.8L Audi. When we got it, I had to replace the power steering pump. The last owner had hooked some electrical wires that went right over the right cam shaft gear. I was a mess! I pull them apart, because I wanted to re-route them. but I guess I did not get them label right. now with them unhooked, the engine temperature and oil temperature gauges do not work now.

what I have right now is 2 wires that are in a black sleeve, coming out of the right side between the intake manifold. One wire coming up next to the Cam Gear. And also one that is down by the oil filter that is not shown on the pic.

I do know that if I ground one of the 2 wires that are in the black sleeve, the oil temp gauge will peg to the right.. that is as far as I have got. Here is the pic:

Any Help would be appreciated.!



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