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I am the owner of a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro.

I have done quite a bit of research on performance parts and upgrades and this is my plan. Look at it and give me some feedback.

- T04E Turbo OR Blitz K27 Turbo (both capable of 500+ HP)
- Custom stainless exhaust manifold
- 440cc BOSCH injectors
- 5 bar BOSCH fuel pressure regulator
- Hi-flow fuel pump
- 3" custom exhaust with hi-flow cat.
- Front-mount intercooler (500+ HP rating)
- Custom cold-air intake
- Drive train stabilizer
- Lightened flywheel
- Lighter pullies
- Heavy duty performance clutch
- Platinum spark plugs
- Performance spark leads
- GFB hybrid dual-port blow off valve

- Possibly bore out cylinders and lower compression

- This will all be run on a Motec M4 engine management system with customised air/fuel mapping, injector timing etc...
- Turbo will be boosted at 22-25 psi using a dual-stage boost controller

Along with the perfomance mods comes handling issues, so stiffer springs, slotted brakes and wider tyres are part of the plan.

Feel free to give me your opinions, advice, or any thoughts relating to these mods.

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well looks like so many.
Are you a rich kid? or have a good paying job?

If you want to go for racing on the track, I say you should go find professional racers at the track near your location and ask them if your plan is okay.
If you are just trying to put mods and drive around the city, I would say you do step by step. Like one thing at a time. I am very sure you could change your mind in 2 months and not like what you planned. Take your time.

I had Integra LS 98 before my 00 S4 and I rebuilt the engine. I port polished Head and Intake manifold, bigger valves new valve springs, lighter pistons, rings and so on and on.... I blew the engine up on the high way.... After that, I realized something very important in my life...

I will never waste my money on something that is not worth for my future...
If racer is your future, go for it~!

sorry if my reply is pretty upsetting... Im a jerk... But seems like you are about to spend Gs and Gs... But You might think different than I am...

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Hmm, well cost is not really an issue for me because a) my father is a mechanic and B) i get trade price on every part. So besides that, i was after a project car that i can put a bit of time and money into.

I have been involved in doing up jap performance cars and now it was time for a european car. So the experience and enjoyment out of doing so is what i was after.

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You would have to substantially strengthen the internals of the engine to get anywhere near the reliable power you want.Rods and pistons will need upgrading.
Big brakes are one of the first things you should look at,bigger rotors and 4 pot calipers to help stop the beast!All that power is fine,but the standard brakes,even with slotted rotors,wont be able to cope for long!Safety first!!
My suggestion is to start first with an exhaust,K04 turbo with manifold and a chip upgrade to suit.You can get a good 270bhp+ with this setup and it wont break the engine.If you want more power than this (obviously you do) then you must look at internal mods!
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