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I am the owner of a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro.

Friends of mine have made their own car crew named CUIUC (Catch Us If You Can). It consists mainly of Nissans, Skylines, Supras etc...

They have asked me to join despite them bagging the Audi's but I believe european cars should not be placed amongst the jap cars. So I set out to start my own crew with only performance european cars.

I need about 350-400 HP at all 4 wheels to shut all these jap boys up as them dissing the Audi's is getting to me. I need some help on achieving maximum power gains so I can gladly look back at their Jap cars from my rear view after I take them badly.

I have done quite a bit of research on performance parts and upgrades and this is my plan. Look at it and give me some feedback.

- T04E (500 HP) turbo charger
- Custom stainless exhaust manifold
- 38mm wastegate
- 440cc BOSCH injectors
- 5 bar BOSCH fuel pressure regulator
- Hi-flow fuel pump
- 3" custom exhaust with hi-flow cat.
- Front-mount intercooler (500+ HP rating)
- Custom cold-air intake
- Drive train stabilizer
- Lightened flywheel
- Lighter pullies
- Heavy duty racing clutch
- Platinum spark plugs
- Performance spark leads
- GFB hybrid dual-port blow off valve

- Possibly bore out cylinders and lower compression
- Run about 22-25 psi using a 2-stage boost controller

- This will all be run on a Motec M4 engine management system with customised air/fuel mapping, injector timing etc...

Besides the handling issues like suspension, tyres, brakes etc.. these upgrades should give the A4 more grunt. If anything wont go or does not suit, please let me know and give as many opinions as possible.

Thanks all... Help me show the jap cars what european cars are about.

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Hi pbelos,
I just read your letter on the upgrades you are doing to your car. Sounds like a lot of work. I have APR's stage lll kit with a hi flow exhust and a front mount intercooler, it works pretty well. I'am trying to find a hi-flow fuel pump for my car but don't seem to be able to locate one. My Audi is the same as yours a '98 A4 1.8TQ. Did you have any luck in finding a hi-flow fuel pump for your car and if so where did you get it?
Thank you in advance,

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first of all... how much money do u have to spend buddy?

will this be a limiting factor?

because this will dictate how you'll go about things...

getting hp out of euro's is generally more expensive than jap cars...
but at the end of the day, they'll still have a jap car... they cant change that.. hehe

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the fuel presure has to be balanced i think a ajustable fuel presure reg with a gauge would help and get set up on rolling road

the piston need to be forged
to protect the engine conrod bolts
deseam and shot pen the rods gives more power
water injection to lower the intake temp and stop piston melting
get recirclating valve insead of blowoff
computer controled boost gauge ajustable in every gear
oil temp air fuel ratio gauge,
quaife differential
performance inlet cam with one ajusable pully
also if serious about beating these guys need to loose weight
polycarbonate windows 4 side and rear for about £200 will lose about 30 kg
exit carpets rear seats and interior panels and light weight buckets

also the more you tune a engine the more you will need to protect it and service it
this will see of them
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