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Audi A4 1.8T sport

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I have just joined Audi forums. I have a 1995 A4 1.8T sport, with bodykit, OZ alloys and I've also just fitted a full black leather interior. Please see attached picture. This is my first audi, and I really like the car although I've just noticed a creaking noise coming from the front suspension. The car is due to go into the garage next week, but I just wondered if this type of problem is common and what it could be? Someone told me it could be the wishbone bushes. Anyone had a similar problem?
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Welcome:). Don't forget to list your ride in garage.
I had one one of these. (96 Plate)
I was for ever replacing the suspension wish bone arms
There are 8 of these in total....
2 top, 2 bottom on each side....
Roughly £50 to £60 each

Try & buy original Audi ones, as they will last longer....

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