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Audi A3 makes a loud noise

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I'm having a hard time with Audi A3.It makes occasionally a creepy noise somewhere around the right front wheel. It sounds like a rock making contact to metal...I've now had it two times in a quick repair but it just won't go away. The sound doesn't come when braking, and it usually sounds worse when you turn a lot. The brakes were checked and cleaned, nothing was found Any ideas?
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Well this occurs generally if you previously had a car accident from the front. The noise you are hearing is due to the scratching of your wheel on the metal when you take sharp turns..

To locate the damaged area: When the car is stopped, turn your wheel on full then step out of the car and go check the arc shape of the body above your wheels from the inside.. you should notice the scratches..

Now the easiest solution is to tap on the metal with a hammer.

I'm also having the same problem but with a MG-ZR, the front drivers side wheel is making a loud chuggering noise, it only happened after i had crashed though, think i'm going to change to a audi a3 ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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