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Audi A3 Clocks

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firstly its a first for me so a big hello to all, and to say how i think the response to other member queries are a credit to you all.

now down to the biz, remember be gentle with me as it is my first time.
i have tried to change the instrument clocks in my 1999 a3 but when fitted and all plugged up the immobiliser light flashes and of course the engine will not fire up.
any thoughts on this would be grateful,
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Hi good news for those of us with broken clocks all my needles on my clocks went dead so I got a second hand set from a breakers,Lots of people informed me that they could not be re-coded But Garage Services Vehicle Repairs And Mechanics Preston - Digi Dash Northwest have done it for me today for a fraction of the price that Audi would of charged ensure that the part number is the same though, hope this helps somebody else by the way my clocks where off an Audi A3 TDI 2001 8L Model by the way mine are not pre 2001 model


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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