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Audi A3 Boot Doesn't Close Properly! Help Needed

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Its my first time here and i need some help.

I recently got my A3 bumper colour coded and the person who sprayed it had to mask the rear bumper and he said to do it properly he had to take the inside plastic panel off which is just two screws.

I don't know if he adjusted any bolts in there which has made the boot not to close properly, but if some could send me a diagram or assist me in anyway i would be rather greatful.

Thanks, Mistry.
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to do a proper job he should have took the bumper off for a start just cheak there are no obstructions when closing and if not look at undoing the locking piece in the car and not the boot and adjust in or out depending on how the boot mis fits and its a case of trial and error to get it to sit right.
Just like to say thanks to a3 kid for responce and i will try his instructions on weekend
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