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Audi A3 2007 (PD170 BMN) Crank resistance after cambelt change

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I have recently replaced the timing-belt, tensioner and water pump.

The marks are lining up (checked 4x times) and I'm about ready to put everything back together. But I have a concern that I'm hoping I can get some clarity on, first.

I'm a bit worried the internals of the engine e.g. valves, pistons or cylinders have been bent out of shape, during the loosening and tightening(with the locking pin in) of the crank-pulley bolt. Because I was expecting the rotation to be much less stiff after cambelt kit being put on.

I understand there is a compression phase. And at some point in the manual rotation, I can feel the resistance disappears completely. But then - possibly on the compression phase, it becomes what to me is still a little too stiff. I can rotate past it by hand and there is this 'jump' when I do.
Another thing to mention is - I have also tried rotating it to the resistance, rotate back by like 15° and pushed it back a few times to see If I could hear anything.. and I could hear a a sort of light tap or click noise.

I have tried starting the car and it wouldn't start (which now got me a bit worried)

For extra input, when having both cams locked with pins, the intake side pin slots in freely and wiggles about.. compared to the exhaust side - it is tight and requires a few taps with a spanner (used what I had on me).
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And how is your car now? Could you please describe your solution to this situation?
It happened to be 2 teeth out (silly me. I have not been looking at the guide properly, where the crank line/holes align identically as on haynes. After aligning crank and later on fine tuning cams, it fires up and runs.
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