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Originally posted by kninio@Nov 9 2004, 07:48 AM
HI all , i am a new member here.. i have audi 90 2.8 with AAH engine code and automatic transmition AZZ i am facing troubles with this gearbox while shifting from 3th till 4th it delay and i am not satsfied by that.. i heard there is an upgraded version which have the code CFV and modefied valve body and the final gear ratio.. but this one i didnt find here in my country i`ve found one with the cody CFY and its for the 2.6 abc could some one advice me what to do and which is the best box to use? ill be thanks full for any information or advice about that.

Gday kninio Im new here too. I have an 80 with the 2.6litre V6 in it. My auto gearbox had similar problems. Firstly try and see if your car slips gears when in overdrive and you put down full acceleration. If it does that - you are in trouble. A rebuild is required. The clutches in the transmission are very small and as a result they dont last very long. When I had my transmission repaired every clutch was burnt and the oil pump was stuffed.

I would suggest in the first instance - that is if the gearbox doesnt slip when you accelerate hard in overdrive - to take it to an audi centre and have the computer reset. You could have an intermittent error code in the transmission - if its E27 code - called intermittent fault - you have a problem with your solenoid in the transmission. It could also be the body valve - difficult to tell.

Good luck
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