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I have got a problem with my headlights on my 1990 Audi 80 Quattro. The sidelights and full high beam works fine but the main driving beam doesn't. The bulbs and fuses are fine so that leads me to the relays under the steering wheel.

I cannot seem to fine the correct relay as the information sticker on the underside of the dashboard is mainly in German. The only relay that stops the headlights working once they are out is called a buzzer relay!!

Is there a way of checking a relay, how would one do that?

Also I found a fuse had gone in the top of another relay, so replace it with another 10AMP. Then when I started the engine and then stopped it, the car kept on running even though the key was out of the ignition. The only time the engine stopped was when the fuse was not in the top of the relay. Any ideas?? ;)

Many Thanks,

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