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Audi 80 Window And Sunroof Fault

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The windows and sunroof of my Audi 80 SE sometimes fail to operate. After a few miutes they work again. I can't find any reference to a fuse in the fuse box or any relay listed either.
It seems like a relay is overheating or something... any ideas?
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Hi PeterSmith,

I have what I think is the same problem. Generally, I start my car and all the lights in the driver's door for the windows are lit. It looks like they work. I touch one of them and they go out. Sometimes they work, sometimes not.

In the beginning it was rarely happening. I took it to my favorite Audi mechanic who said it was a loose wire in a wiring harness. And to save me some money, he soldered it together. It worked, it seemed for a while, but in reality, the issues was happening randomly.

Now it happens all the time, so tonight I took apart the little panel underneath the steering column to have a look at the wires coming from the door. I traced them to a relay with a lot of numbers on it. The numbers I think people refer to is '363'. If I jiggled this, the window switch lights in the door go on and off. I think it is not a wire in the wiring harness, but that relay. I will call Audi tomorrow and see if they have it in stock, otherwise I will order it and put it in.

Here are the numbers for the box.

Main side:

Opposite side from prongs:
PA6-GF30 (in little letters)
363 (in really big letters)

Let me know if you want to hear more
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Yes, the relay's the faulty item. Eventually it gave up completely. Replaced it with another from a scrap yard and haven't had a problem since.

The relay is accessed by removing the parcel shelf under the steering wheel... there it is!
Thank you.

I have the shelf off already, and have been tapping the relay when the window stops working. The tapping was helping, I just wasn't sure if it was the actual relay, or the connection being a little loose. I will try to find a relay. The dealer wanted $140 for i, I will try to find it else where if possible.

Thanks again,
I was too impatient to wait until the dealer could get the part so I took releay 363 out, unclipped the housing by squeezing the sides and withdrew the insides. I could see little rust deposits (like you get when a battery has been left in to long) around some of the solder points so I brushed with a fairly stiff tooth brush and rinsed with WD40 spray.
I didn't work for two days, probably because the WD40 was still wet but works perfectly now.

I know I'm a bit late with this but thought it would help someone looking into the problem
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