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Originally posted by audi80sport@Sep 30 2004, 10:15 PM
sup g!! how y'all doin.
my name is stephen an i live in scotland.
just joined to get some advice(and mibbe even give some) on all things audi lol
bit of a change from my last car which was a scooby svx, the audi cant hold a candle to the scooby in terms of performance and looks but has its own strengths, an absoltue gem of a chassis for a start and road holding that makes u want to push the car that lil bit harder. its a 1990 80 sport which is in mint condition(even the drivers seat is still intact) but the 2 litre lump feels just a bit lethargic compared to what im used to, but i like a challenge and i've made it my goal to either tune the engine or bin it in favour of something with a bit more poke.

Hi steve
What can be done to the tune the engine ? i want to put a new front bumper on mine (a lower one ), but cant seem to find any body kits! B)
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