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Has any one out there replaced side windows on the estate and if so are there any traps to avoid?!

some little darlings who no doudt their mothers love them have pu in three of my side windows.

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I'm spaniard so, i'll do my best with english.

I have an 80 1994 2.0E, 4 doors. I've replaced two of them ,the rear ones, in this case broken due to a robbery attempt.
It's very simple.
Dismount the panel:
* one screw below the opening handle
* two small ones on both sides of the panel, upside, near the glass
* one on the rest arm (front rear direction)
* pull out part of the rest arm (look at the little holes you'll find int the rest arm, in the fron side, and put a little screwdriver to push gently and relase the plastic taps there are inside)
* you'll find two screws more holdin the rest arm to the door
then push the entire panel upside to release it.
You'll find a big black plate of metal with many screws... don't touch them. Look at four big ones on the sides of the door that hold the big plate mentioned. Don't forget to release the small triangle of metal on the front-down corner of the window.
Once you release them the big plate, the frame of the window (yes, the entire frame), and the glass with the motor, etc will separate from the door.
Then, changing the glass is very easy: release the pin that holds it to the lever, clear the guides from broken glass, put the new glass slipping the buttons into the guides, put the pin again, and mount it back thogether.
Do it with a friend becuase the wires between the door and the panel will hinder you.
Hope this helps
Best regards
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