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I posted this on the new members intro page but as yet I have no had any response. so I thought it might be worth re-posting on the Audi 80 forum.

I am trying to help my neighbor with her 1998 Audi 1.8 cabrio.

The oil level and oil pressure was ok, then it was taken for a short drive it started smoking, dumped some oil on the road. so the engine was stopped. Now the dip stick level is High and the oil pressure starts off ok (~3), the oil pressure gauge then drops (after ~2 mins)and the engine starts sounding rough (No oil circulating?). I suspect there may be a oil blockage but the high oil level on the dipstick is confusing me. I assume this goes directly into the sump.

The car has been standing for ~ 4 months only being run on the drive of 1/4 mile approx once a month.

Any advice / thoughts would be appreciated.

Alternatively She might sell spare/repairs, what is the best forum/site to sell this classic car?
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