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Hi there, i want to install a cd headset unit into my Old Audi 80, I was initially told i would just need an adapter to convert the power but this was incorrect.

I now know i need to cut the old power connector off and re-wire it into the new cd player.

My problem is determining which wires from my car perform what function, I have three pairs, and a single blue wire.

I know that the blue is for the automatic aerial or something like that so ive ignored that one. I have one pair of red, one pair of white, and one pair of brown wires.

I presume i need to wire these into a connector in their pairs, but dont know what the colours represent. I think that the brown is the earth/ground and presume that i just needed to plug the red pair into the red wire from the cd player, and yellow pair into the yellow wire.
The brown pair i plugged into the black ground cable of the cd player.

This doesnt seem to work but i cant see why, my multi-meter says i have a complete circuit between the red and yellow wires at the entry point of the cd player, but i get no power in the cd player.
Have i wired it wrongly or is it a problem with a cd player?
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