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Hi Everyone , i have a 1993 Audi 80 2.6E V6. "Great car". For the past two years the airconditioning system stops working on very hot days.This only happens once i stop the engine and restart it . If i keep the engine running the airconditioning continues to operate . Recently i had the Air compressor replaced , condensor replaced and the system re-gassed. Its cold when working.

Recently i was driving and the outside temp was 36 degrees. I stopped at a service station to fill up ( petrol) . When i started the engine again the airconditioning system would start then cut out instantly . It was as though something was sending a signal saying " i am not happy turn off the air con system".

This is obviously heat related and something is breaking down as a result of the heat . Can anyone tell me if there are other sensors linked with the aircon system that migh be affecting the system . I am looking outside the "square" now so to say .

Any ideas would me much appreciated as the 36 degree day recently was a hot one .

regards chris

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