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Hi All

My dad has passed away my mum is 72 they have a 80 2.0E saloon Auto SE spec 1994 with 141500 miles (it has a sport button next to the gate lever of the auto box so is it a sport?)
The car has full history and is immaculate inside like it has never been used
The car is not small in size and in 2 years will be classed as a classic in age
I am looking for advice as to where to sell it as much as my mum doesn't want to sell it, the car is too big for her and i want to get her a smaller audi so she can keep her independence.

I know this is not the usual posts you get on here but i am looking for your help

The car has had one previous owner and i can offer advice on any issues they have had

Fuel pump - Its had a new fuel pump - its located under the rear seat

It does not get used often now so battery needing charging every now and then the photo attached is when i have jump started it but not put the bonnet down i can send you photos of the whole car service manual for you to check.

I am just looking for advice my dad whom died of cancer not 18 month ago would want it to be sold to someone whom would look after it.

If anyone can offer me any advice please get in contact i hope im not breaking the rules of the site

TBH looking at the Audi 80 i wish he would of had the coupe !!
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