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starts great when cold

have replace plugs and leads and ECT sensor, these have made a difference to the runing of the car.

when the weather was mild it was difficult to start in the morning but now summer has kicked in my care wont start when the engine is warm

i'v disconnected the the cold start inj, made no diff

a mechanic took a quick look at it and got it going. he disconected the fuel injedtors and cranked the car over, this sorted out the flooded engine.

the mechanic is a ford man so dosn't work on audi's much. he says tho that it's a fuel problem and could be coursed by a sensor. maybe a wax stat sensor

has anybody got any idea's

have now fixed the problem. it was relay 14 which is located above the pedals. its a powr relay, it was causing the engine management to go in safe mode causing the engine to think it was cold and thus flooding it
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