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I have been driving my Audi 80 (Auto 1993 model 2.0 L) for the past 2 years.

In the last year it has developed serious problems when first starting the car. It didn't have a problem the 2nd or 3rd time you started during the same day. It was just the first start of the day. The ignition went and then it just died. It did start after about 5 - 10 tries.

Any way, last week I decided to use a different type of fuel, thinking this may make a difference. Excuse me, but I am totally non-technical (being a and know nothing about cars. So I used "Premium Unleaded" instead of my usual "Unleaded" at my local Tesco garage here in London. The buck was almost empty, so I put in a full buck of the Premium.

Guess what ? Since the full buck of Premium, I have had absolutely NO problems starting the engine. It has started first time round on every single attempt since I put in the Premium.

Could some one please explain this to me ? Have I been using the wrong type of fuel (Unleaded) for the past 2 years ? What is it with the Premium Unleaded that now allows the car to start on first go ?

Also are there any additives I could be using to help things along ?

Someone told me that Tesco petrol is rubbish and I should only be using Premium Unleaded from Shell ???? Is this true ?

Well as you can tell I haven't got a clue. Could you please suggest the type of fuel I should always be using and what if any additives.

Many thanks.
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