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Hello Audi Fanatics,
i am Omkar Kanegaonkar a resident of Mumbai (Bombay), India. I have grown up with an audi.. literally.. we have a audi 80, 1987. it had a god service record, until recently until the authorised audi garage here majorly screwed it up.
i need help from the foroum regarding soucing of parts for this beautiful car which i want to restore back to its original condition.
- can i find a part list booklet of the car for further reference or an owner's manual.
- the main brake fluid booster is damaged.
- the electricals are in a mess, can i have original circuit diagrams for the car.?
these are the major concerns. minute details can be worked our here. since i am in india, it is very difficult for me to get the original parts for the car. help in any form/type is welcome.

yours sincerely,
omkar Kanegaonkar(audi fan)
1 neeltarang,
cadel road,
India( tel no- +91 9821557874)
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