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hi all

new to the forum and a little introduction as to why i have joined.

i have had my old audi 80 tdi for aprox 17 years and she's been a very faithful servant . the past two years i always say i'm going to get rid when the mot comes around but my conscience stops me at the last minute because its part of the familty and i have lots of memories good and bad with the old car.

any way to cut the story short i elected to purchase another car recently to replace it because it will need alsorts doing to it. my significant other has told me to keep the audi as well and get it sorted as its always better having something to fall back on and its something i can still use for doing dirty stuff with like sticking my chainsaws in the boot and that would save the replacement car for cleaner things . basically the audi 80 is being kept as a tip run kind of car something yuor not bothered about getting dirty etc.

i' m currently ordering stuff which i can do my self prior to the mot like front discs , ball joints,i've even got a timing belt jit somewhere which ist dosn't really need right now but the cam shaft seal is leeking oil like rishi is leekin our tax payers money so if i'm fitting a new seal then i may as well fit a new belt etc whilst im in there right ?

i am planing on fitting some larger 110 bhp injector nozzles to give her a bit more oomph because she is pretty flat at the moment but will happily cruse at 70-80 mph on the motorway which is fast enough for me but she lacks oomph when it comes to pulling away or going up hills ,. well she would be be she's done around 250,000 miles so she deserves to be a little tired which leads me to the rear suspension springs which are also very tired and it looks like its been lowered but it hasn't. my question is could i fit other rear springs off an audi a4 to her or any other model just to pep them up when she's laden with saws etc ? she has had new shocks all around in the past 4 years .

she has had a fair bit of money thrown at her this past 6 years the most expensive being a new clutch. i fitted new wings 4-5 years ago, the brakes were also done 3-4 years ago, a new windscreen last year , she's never been welded so i think with a few quid and my own handy work we may just be able to nurse her through a few more years yet ? any advice on the rear springs would be most grateful. i don't need sporty handling as i'm not a fast driver i just need something substantial to accommodate the weight constantly in the boot .

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