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I'm new to this community although I used to post on a different Audi website in the past.

My Audi 5000S has 184000 miles on it and I recently installed a replacement engine with a lot less miles on it in an effort to prolong the life of this car.

However, this car just started to develop a cooling problem in that a 7 mile commute would litterally make the engine overheat and I would have to run the climate control at full heat to prevent overheating. Not pleasant in 95 degree heat!

Does anyone have any good advise on the reasons for this. I have checked the thermostat operation, bypassed the high speed cooling fan to enable it to run at high speed when engine gets hot (thermo switch faulty). I have read other community postings on the Audi overheating problems and would like an input from this community.

Thanks :)
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