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I have found a B2 90 Quattro 10v (KV) with work to do before riding. And that's why i joined here, because i plan to tune the engine (atmo) and look for help:
- fuel rail (where to find one "stock looking"/steel)
- injectors (from 2.3l 20v?)
- camshaft (which one's best for fast road atmo?)
- ECU for 5cyl?
- porting head cylinder

I have contacted Flow improver in Germany:
- High Flow Benzinleiste inkl. 2x Schlauchanschlüsse
- 5x Einspritzventil inkl. Befestigungsmaterial
- 5x Einspritzventilanschlussstecker
- 5x Einspritzventiladapter für die Ansaugbrücke
- 2m Kabelbaum offene Enden
- Einstellbarer Benzindruckregler
- 1x Wassertemp.sensor inkl. Anschlusstecker
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