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Does anyone know how to by pass the anti theft system on an 1993 Audi 100?

I found this on another trusted site:

"On the later 100/200 vehicles with the factory Alarm system, make sure the Anti-Theft relay #8 in the main fuse box under the hood isn't preventing the starter solenoid from working. After removing the relay, you can jumper across terminals 38 and 36 to bypass it."

This may sound silly, but how do I go about jumping "across terminals 38 and 36 to by pass it"

I posted in the previous thread, but since I'm really more confident, it's anti theft I thought I'd post under "anti theft"

Here's the problem I'm having:

Randomly my 1993 Audi 100s will just not start--happened 3 times.
lights will work, fuel pump kicks on, relatively new
starter motor--

I turn the key, the lights in the dash come on and everything like normal, but when I turn the key to the final position all I hear is the fuel pump kick on.

I wait 4 hours or so, come back to my car, and it starts no problem. It will work fine for several weeks, until one day it randomly happens again.

I think I've focused in on it being the anti theft system. In the cold weather the door lock knob takes longer to pop up and in my hurries I may often be opening the door before the knob pops up enough to disengage anti theft. Thus maybe it thinks the car door has been broken so it engages the starter motor cutoff.

Any info you can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Right now I feel like I'm driving a mystery box--never know when or where I'll be stuck.

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