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Hi :)

Just joined from Devon, UK.

Although I've never had any interest and precious little idea of all things technical or mechanical, I've always preferred old cars and I'm still happily running on a daily basis my 1982 (Y reg) 100 CS 2144 cc 5 cylinder injection auto with little problems. Apparently this model was the very last of the line before the Avant which I think shares a lot of the same running gear ? Anyway without doubt it's the most amazing car for sheer reliability (which has always been my main criterion) I've ever owned bar none, and then I'm going back to the early 70's too.

Bought her in 1994 or so with about 110k miles on the clock in quite good condition for £75 though with a blown engine as my existing 100 GL (W reg) which I bought in 1987 for I think £1500 or so, and was just as fantastic and still running just as reliably, was suffering from advanced tinworm around the sills and wings though the underneath was fine. (Still got her stored away too for one day). In fact at one time I had about 4 or 5 100's dotted around the place for spares though all gone now sadly...

In any case there were plenty of old 100's around in the mid-nineties anyway so top quality s/hand original parts were really cheap and easy to find. So I had a local garage rebuild me another engine total cost coming to about £450 or so, and apart from some s/hand front shocks in 2001 and new front discs this December (at last !) the rest has been routine stuff - tyres, exhausts and so on. Talk about cheap motoring ! I even found several years ago some very comfortable front seats from a 200 Turbo which are excellent and great for the lower back on long journeys too. And with MOT's never a problem, a classic 4000 miles insurance policy with Norwich Union for £14.50 per month she suits all my small needs down to a all in all I love her to bits !! Shows how well they made 'em doesn't it as it's the first time in all these years I've found it necessary to track down an Audi Club !! Really cool when I think back to my old Healey 3000 monthly hassles before the Internet.... !

These particular Audi models always were a bit expensive on petrol obviously but with a light right foot I'm still getting about 25mpg which isn't bad. And she's more than quick enough for all traffic conditions, the only exception being the old 3 speed auto box which can be a pain on long uphill gradients sometimes. The only other bad design fault I've found over the years has been the air cooling vents on the rear of the bonnet as water has slowly rusted away the floor of the battery compartment finishing up in the footwell with unbelievable amounts of condensation ! But as repairing this means the big expense of removing all the heating mechanicals first just to reach it I keep on postponing things, content to cover the vent with heavy duty tape. No problem in hot summers either.

However - there's always the final "However" ! The previous owners seem to have left the back end of the car out in all weathers so the two rear doors are now rusting badly and will soon have to be replaced, as well as both front outer wings which are also getting on a bit too. So if anyone has any knowledge of a good early Audi spares U.K./ German contact etc. where I can find these 4 items plus anything else from time to time I'd be more than grateful !

Thanks - fingers crossed !

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