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I've had my 100 2.8 since 1998 and done over 90,000 miles in it. When I got it I knew that it had an oil leak from the cylinder head gaskets, and due to the cost of repair I just kept on top of the oil level and over the years had various other gaskets replaced, like the saddle plate, and core plugs etc.

Last October one day I'm driving along and suddenly my car turns into a sauna, filling with steam, and my feet are in a puddle. So off to the local garage where they diagnose its a leak in the heater matrix. They replace it and off I go, no more leaks, and I can smell the protective coating evaporating off, so I know they've put a new one in.

All's fine until 2 weeks ago, and the same problem recurrs. Now everyone I speak to is saying it's the problem with the cylinder head gaskets getting worse, causing pressurisation of the system, causing the heater matrix to blow, so they won't guarantee any repairs to it unless the head gaskets are done too.

Now I find this odd, because there's no oil in the water and no water in the oil. The engine doesn't overheat and the heater's been working fine. It had a new water pump just after I bought it, 90,000 miles ago, and when that went the symptoms were totally different.

I'm thinking/hoping it's probably a hose or a bad join between hose and heater matrix. Problem is it takes ages to get in and see as it's buried deep behind the dash.

Also, I can't believe there's no pressure relief valve that protects the heater circuit from high pressure.

I'd be really grateful for any advice to help me decide whether it's worth repairing or even investigating, or whether the mechanics I've seen are right and the car's basically a right-off because of the head gaskets (£1500 to replace)?

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