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Hi all.

i have a audi 100 2.3e quattro -92.

as i understand there is some standard faults on them, and i am suffering from 2 of them and have no clue where to look for repairing it - i been searching with no luck- and i hope someone here will be able to help me.

1. cruise control does not work. when i try to activate it i feel it is pulling down the pedal, but as i remove the foot the car slowly decrease in speed. this leads me to think it is a vacum leak somewhere and i tryed looking for it by spraying staring gas (dont know if its the correct term in english, im swedish , but the gas on a can that u can use to help a cold car start by spraying it in the air filter) on all vacum tubes i can find... but nothing happens.

sinse this is a fault i know alot of audi 100´s of this generation have, maybe someone know where the vacum leak normaly is. if it is a vacum leak maybe its something else.

2. warning lamp. warning for bad brakes in front wheels or low brakefluid level.

starts blinking randomly and stops randomly. have been following the cables to check for damage/bad contact on every place the cables are visible without taking the car apart. find nothing the brakes are almost new and the fluid level is good. this to is a standard faliture anyone know where to look?

also another fault and im sorry for my bad english in electric stuff this is a electric question to. dont know if this is standard.

i think i have a bad ground someplace... there is normaly a couple of ground point´s (places where alot of electronic components get their ground if that was not understandable) 3-5 places normaly have no idea where they are in my type of audi, neither if one or more of them normaly goes bad with age. anyone knows that?
reason why i think that could be a problem is because when i activate/deactivate the alarm only the turn-signals on the left side blinks. when i bought the car all worked. they do work when driving only not when using the alarm.

thank you in advance even if you cant help thanks for reading this long,bad english, thingy you just did read.

oh also i tryed searching the forum for something similar to this before posting dont know if i did a bad job or if there is none sorry if there is one.
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