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Hi all, very new here!

I had 2 questions about the convertible top on my 2001 TT Roadster.

At some point last year it started to get slower at opening and closing, and maybe a few months after that it just stopped closing all the way on it's own at all. It will open slow, but still all the way. When closing though, I have to "help" it out at the halfway point.

The second thing was that when I latch it close the sensor isn't making contact or something because the windows to not close back up once latched as it used to do. I usually can get the windows to close it I just give it a little bump with the butt of my hand.

Any ideas would be awesome, and I appreciate any help at all!

PS: I did see a thread about the closing sensor and I might try it out tomorrow when I have some light ;)
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