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Hi all,

first post though I have been lurking here as a non member....

Looking at ordering an Audi TTS and am doing some handwringing about the color...

Was hoping to find some owners out there who could show me their rides (ANY AUDI MODEL would be fine) in pics or make a roadtrip out to see the cars in person and buy them lunch for their trouble.

I live in Calgary, Canada... but for a car I need to make a large deposit on I am willing to drive a long ways to see the color on a car in person (I drive an APR stage2+ GTI so I dont mind a long trip :) )

Really liked Sprint Blue but now the colors not available... so I have narrowed my choices down to Solar Orange and Scuba Blue.

If I go scuba blue I will prob add silver paint to front bottom spoiler and around the lower grills, perhaps continuing down the bottom rocker panels of the sides...

I really want a car that pops, stands out from the typical audi color pallet. Was even considering a matching silver stripe that goes with the scuba.

My first choice out of available colors was actually Solar Orange but its one of those colors that i think really needs to be seen in person and I have concerns about possible fading. I would probaby accent the Solar Orange with Carbon fibre mirrors, CF lower valence and a TTRS carbon fibre spoiler

thanks much!

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