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the MFTS or otherwise know as the temp sensor 4 terminal now a 3 terminal
im lookin for the wiring colors for the wires on the 88 audi 80 quattro 5 cyl.... thought i had it figured out but i need to figure out what the 3 wires are... my plug was cutoff before i got car..

i know ones temp sensor
another is a/c and ecu wire
the other for auto check

and the 4th which isnt used anymore is the black/blue wire and its a +12v wire...

other 3 wires i think are blue/yellow, seems almost another blue/yellow maybe greenish, and a blue/red wire...

the 5000 and the 1988 audi 80 4 cyl plugs have diff color wires on plug then mine had.
need to get car on road and dont want to wait for a manual to get here,,thanks
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