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Any Ideas?

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A couple of things;-

1) Flat Spot - when accelerating hard there tends to be a second or so flat spot before the turbo kicks in.........not sure if this is the norm...Advice?

2) When changing up through the gears - in the process of taking the foot of the gas and pushing down on the clutch, the engine(rev counter) appears to stick so gives the feeling that you're foot is on the gas when you're changing gear. When you bring the car to a halt, the rev counter also sits above 1000 rpm for a while before it comes down to its correct position. .... advice??

Many thanks

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flat spot is the turbo lag and is norm
other one is it over reving when cold or just sterting as will be the auto choke as there on for a while
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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