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------ Unitronic wraps up 2012 with a new record in their 2.5T Rabbit! ------

For those of you that have been following the Unitronic Record setting Rabbit and it's progress through the 2012 season, you'll be happy to hear that October 18th 2012 marked another personal record for the Fastest MK5 Rabbit in the World, and promise for so much more in 2013. For those of you that are unaware, about 1 month ago, Unitronic set the WORLD RECORD for the FASTEST MK5 Rabbit chassis using the 2.5L engine with an 11.55 @ 123mph with a full interior and street tires (Video of the pass here: Unitronic MK5 Turbo Rabbit sets WORLD RECORD 1/4 mile - Crazy Fast Car! - YouTube). Yesterday, we managed to set a new MPH record for the Rabbit!

Check out the Teaser, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel for the FULL RELEASE! We'll also update this thread with the full video once it's out!


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