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Hi there to all out there.

I have just joined the ranks of audi owners, having bought a 2001 Avant SE - I think I've attached a photo of it! :)


I previously owned a Mitsubishi FTO for 5 years, and enjoyed that car a lot, especially the V6 induction! Still, marriage and baby meant that the FTO was not really practical enough and so I kept an eye out for a suitable replacement.

I've always been a fan of the Audi marque, ever since Dad had a Quattro back in the 80's - fab car in white with black leather and immaculate! The first time I had heard a car talking back at you!! Dad's had a few since, his current car is a DSG TT, and he's about to chop in Mum's (his old) A4 Avant TDI for an All-Road.

Anyway, I saw my car at the local dealers and after a bit of haggling and getting him to take the FTO, it was mine! :D

Anyway, on to the point of this post, other than to say hello - whilst I am VERY pleased with the car - and at present I can live with the drop in performance, are there any engine modifications, such as induction kits, exhausts, chips etc that are recommended?

Thanks for reading and looks forward to speaking to you guys soon!!



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