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Does anyone have the answers to one or more of the following?
It's a 2004 A3 1.6 3-door.

1) Don't all 2004-up A3s have a diagnostic system that's supposed to say "OK" in the dashboard display after running a system check? When I turn the ignition doesn't. All other kinds of warnings seem to appear normal.

2) Noisy AC!!!!! The noise level of the AC compressor/high pressure fluid/other pressurized stuff etc. when sitting inside the A3 is similar to the noise heard from the AC on my 1997 Chevy pick-up with the hood open!!!! Today, the Audi mechanic told me there was nothing wrong.....though some had complained about the noise level.
Vorsprung durch.....sorry, didn't hear you????
It sounds like sitting an inch away from a fridge motor...

3) A rattling exhaust noise (I think...) is heard for a couple of minutes during slight revvvvving when the engine is cold. It's almost like something is loose inside the muffler, however the Audi mechanic confirmed there was nothing wrong. When hot, nothing is heard at all, and I have no evidence to persuade the mechanics...

4) Finally: Does anyone know what recalls the 2004--> A3s are subject to? Mine received some sort of upgrade based on a recall today, but no one could tell me what had been done (!?!).

Thanks guys!
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